Jay M. Levyis iSSouthern Exposure Swimweari

Form-fitting, affordable swimwear at store prices for men and some women. miami swim week is your company’s source for daring lake fashion. For over every decade, Jay and his particular design team have just lately designing some of i would say the worlds hottest swimsuits. Upon receiving a bachelors position in business administration out of American University in Washington, D.C., Jay M. Tax levy sensed demand in the exact marketplace for fashionable only yet affordable swimwear that the majority of fits and feels impressive ! He felt persistent to design his personally own line of swimwear to positively fulfill that demand.

Ten years later, subsequently after devoting himself to the boy’s craft, he has construction Southern Exposure Swimwear in to a highly successful sequence of sexy swimsuits with men and women. The product is his attention – detail that has predetermined Southern Exposure Swimwear additionally to the rest. “I have always been meticulous about my bathing suit designs,” Jay says, “I guess that is an aspect of my character. What i’m a Virgo and Virgos are practical, highly organized, detail-oriented, obsessive and fairly focused on work but duty.”

Originally from Northern part Palm Beach, Florida, Jay M. Impose grew up going swimming and going within order to the beach. Their current workout ordinary is still driven around swimming because, “it’s a physical exertion for the body, mind and spirit.” Jay likes to always wear his own versions when he can swim because the subject material he uses, this particular “Wet Look” Antron Lycra, looks good, feels good and as a result dries fast. The author M. Levy says, “It helps anybody glide through that this water and the software feels like carrying around nothing at every one of.”

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