Filing Tax Return Online in Australia Here’s What to Know

For many people, tax time is quite stressful. We need to find out exactly how much we need to give away before spending a big amount of our money. It is important to do math yourself. Luckily, you can file tax return online in Australia.

Here are certain things to consider when filing tax return online in Australia �

You can get another Notice of Assessment if you�ve Lost One � The Notice of Assessment (NOA) is obviously the most important document for anyone who want to file tax return online. Without NOA, you may not know how much you are actually owed. The ATO or Australian Tax Office will send another to you when it comes to assess your return. You can contact ATO and you will get a fresh one shortly.

You can still lodge the taxes of previous year � If you haven�t lodged tax return last year, you still can do it this year. First of all, you need to contact ATO or ask your Tax Agent in Baulkham Hills
to do it. Remember, the sooner, the better. You should know about the taxes in last year when it comes to lodge the tax return online.

Claim Your Tax Agent�s Fee Next Year � If you hire a tax agent to support you in filing the taxes, don�t worry about what they charge. It�s like an up-front cost that you can claim next year on taxes. All you need to keep the receipt on its cost. Even if you choose to file tax return online, agent fee is less of stress.